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A Day In The Future

November 18, 2021

Can you envision it?
How does it make you feel?
From what point of view are you thinking about the future changes?
Are they related to technology, sport, food?

A brand new vision

A day in the future podcast aims to answer all of these questions and offer a glimpse into the future. It will take you through a brief-time traveling experience during each episode.

You will see exactly how the future will look like.
You will feel it.
You will see it.
You will be in that future.

If you’re curious about the past, present, and future, this is the best place to be. Here, you will be able to understand how each specific industry has/is/will continue to shape the way we, the people, experience life on Earth. This podcast is for those who dare to dream big and are curious about what lies ahead. 

We’ll be traveling and exploring various areas of life. We’ll be accompanied by well-known people, leaders, experts in their specific fields. 

Cătălin Briciu, the podcast’s host, will guide you through these exciting journeys.

Let’s meet the host 

He is the co-founder of multiple startups with the purpose of making life better and simpler. Cătălin is constantly on a mission to help others bring value to the world in their unique manner, as he is a strong believer in people’s ability to reach their full potential only provided that their authentic creativity has space to evolve and transform into something bigger and better. 

His curious self led him to start this podcast since he thinks curiosity is the key element that drives innovation. Cătălin seeks to help his guests spark brilliant ideas by asking the right questions. This way, they will rethink and envision the future of tomorrow together.

The why

The main goal of the podcast is to motivate people to work together to achieve a bigger and better vision for humankind. 

Although a huge purpose, this will be achieved by building a platform of communication to reach the greatest minds of our times. The guests will share their vision of what lies ahead and what will be the output of it.

It will be a day in the future with some of the people that have the most data to accurately predict the future.

The structure

Each month, the guest - who is a leader, an expert in their particular field, will guide us through the path of understanding their domain better. 

How did it come to be?

What did the journey up until today look like?

How is it going to evolve?

Which are today’s challenges?
After that, we’ll dive into the future and we’ll imagine the future that lies ahead. We’ll see how a day in the future will look like in their domain.

We’ll imagine this future without any limits.