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How information is shaping our reality

July 26, 2023

The fourth episode is here. In this article, we will tackle the main points of our conversation with George Haber about AI and how it will shape the future of humanity.

Tune in to find out:

How will humans look like in the future?

What is real in the age of information right now?

How did technology evolve from ancient Egypt to today? 

Which are the means through which society is shaped now?

What is reality?

“Reality itself exists only within each and every person”.

Everything, from what we hear, see, touch, or other higher-level intuition, is a result of our brain's development. From the moment we are born, until the moment we die.

Everyone is different. Everyone has a different DNA. This means that our perception differs from one another. How we think about things that are good or bad is different. 

What we read, listen to, and a million other things, all influence our reality. Because that’s what it is. Each person has their own reality. We see things from our own perspective. There are, of course, some overlapping perspectives with others, the so-called common reality. 

Can we talk about modern slavery?

The messaging just got subtler and subtler moving over history. 

It is subtler and subtler and more and more destructive. 

Let’s take the example of AI. 

“Today, AI is used to understand from Facebook and Google and every other place where we, as humans live, and leave our digital footprint to understand who we are, what we crave (or) what we want. [...] They sell our weaknesses and our addictions to the advertisers, who will sell them to the manufacturers of products to satisfy that need or addiction. Needs that we had before or which were created on the platform by super-intelligent algorithms and psychiatrists and psychologists.” 

Companies such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter have entire teams of psychiatrists and psychologists who work together with software engineers to A/B test how users react. Based on that the platforms become even more addictive. They keep you hooked. They “lock” you there.

“The scary brilliance, which is also a negative part of capitalism, was to realize that the most efficient slavery is self-imposed slavery, where all of us become the slaves of our ambitions. But those ambitions are not really ours.”

To find out how information evolved from ancient Egypt, to Gutenberg, and to today, skip to 00:15:27.

What’s next for humans?

This is a complex question, that no one can answer for certain. However, if we look at history and the progress that has been made, from the Pharaoh to the influencers of today (as they are creating the messages that shape the reality and conception of people), we need to learn to let things go on their own. 

AI will be the next big life-changing event in human history, according to George Haber. 

“AI does it better if it can be done, which means that whatever AI is focusing on it will give better results than the best possible human. 
And the reasons for it, are very simple and complex at the same time. The simple fact is that AI works much faster than humans and has no bias and doesn't sleep at night and is not tired [...] The more complicated variables have to do with algorithms in AI that are improving at a speed that the human brain cannot conceive. And as such, I see the future of us all being much better with the use of AI in every field of existence.”

Take for example medicine. In this case, AI can detect the sequences and flaws much earlier than doctors can. 

We should use AI everywhere, as it is a general technology that can be used in any domain. AI it’s like a collection of brains in the world together. It’s a tool that helps understand reality at an exponential speed. 

Skip to 35:18 to hear why George believes that AI is essential for the survival of the next race, and which will be the future of humans with prosthetics and robotics. 

Are we dependent on technology?

Whenever we use technology to make our lives easier, we become addicted to that feeling, and little by little it is changing something in us. 

AI is learning from the experiences that we show to AI today. It's actually the same as human intelligence, except much faster, better connected, and at a different scale.

Human intelligence means the capability to process plus the experiences that you were exposed to that you process. The same thing goes with AI. It will make mistakes, but it will learn from those mistakes much, much faster - without shame, or biases, and it will not try to hide those mistakes.

“AI is the most powerful tool that we have created for ourselves and we should make use of it.” 

How will a day in the future of AI will look like?

“If human nature doesn't change too much, then let's jump 50 years or 100 years in the future, where AI will take care of all the mundane, boring, useless stuff.”

The future that is coming should be about people coming together to contribute to a better world. Then, society will consume a lot less energy, will be happier and a lot more productive. 

In the end, as George Haber put it: 

“Learn, study, and don't be afraid of following your dreams, and desires, and rewards will follow after.”

Dare to follow your dreams.

About the author

George Haber is an entrepreneur, investor, and currently the founder and managing partner of CrestaFund.

George immigrated to Israel for college and moved to Silicon Valley in 1988. He founded CompCore Multimedia in 1993, which was the first company to implement the DVD standard in software. George is a frequently quoted speaker at international conferences, and one of the key people in the story of the Microsoft Xbox.