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How to create your ideal day in the future with the power of adaptability

August 22, 2022

The second episode is here. In this article, we will tackle the main points of our conversation with Alex Hudițan about adaptability as a skill of the future.

How can you make any dream turn into reality? 

How can you be more than your story?

How did a normal person become an enlightened millionaire within a few years?

What’s his “secret”?

Find all your answers below. Listen to the episode now or watch it on YouTube.

Your life doesn’t have to be a straight line

8 years ago, Alex’s life was not at all like it is today. It was definitely not full of diverse scenery such as the beaches in Bali or the mountains in Switzerland. His life was that of a typical person who works in a corporation, drives two hours between work and home every day, gets angry in traffic, and so on. 

He felt his life was too linear. He wasn’t happy. His energy was extremely low.

“I was looking around and everybody seemed to be living the same life. And I thought, yeah, okay, it's fine. That's, that's how it's supposed to be. But I also felt inside like there's more to life than this. And I started to be more curious.”

Alex started to be more curious: he started to read blogs, watch Youtube videos, and get out of his comfort zone by meeting new people. Soon after, he started to see changes in his life.

How you can acquire the freedom mindset

His biggest passion was to travel the world and get immersed in different cultures. However, living paycheck to paycheck wouldn’t allow him to pursue this dream. 

Getting into the freedom mindset definitely helped him a lot and was influenced a lot by the people he was interacting with.

What has gotten him into this mindset?

  • Having a mentor that he could look up to (tune in to the episode who is he talking about) 
He was an example that it’s possible”
  • Being humble along the way
  • Thinking that he can do anything he puts his mind to
  • Learning
  • Reshuffling his mind
“I like to call it brainwashing myself in this mindset of freedom”
“One of the main takeaways for me was that I am not my story. [...] I can change.”

You are not your story

“Anything you want defines you. So if you're letting go of the old story, the narrative that you kept on telling yourself about who you are, and what you want, and all these things, you can change your reality in a second”

Once you change the story, you can also change the past and future. It’s all about your perception and how you choose to see the events in your life. 

Why you need to adapt fast 

Adapting your mind to see things from another perspective for the benefit of yourself is incredible.

If you’re looking historically, the species that haven’t adapted have died. As Cătălin said: 

“I see adaptation as the skill that ignites innovation.[...] If you're able to move fast and adapt first, then you're going to be in the best position to actually benefit from what the world gives you.”

A big part of adaptability is building courage. This is where people get stuck sometimes, as they are afraid to get out of their comfort zone.

Don’t be afraid of judgment. Most of the time, it’s all in your head.  

In this episode, Alex Hudițan tells the story of how drive-testing a Porsche determined him to have an a-ha moment.

You need to define what kind of relationship you’re going to have with the unknown. As Alex says:

“Once we know everything, if we would know everything, it wouldn't be so fun. It wouldn't be so exciting.“

What can we act on now

Reset normal. 

Take the steps and be curious about what the perfect day would be like for you.

Then, you can take action. 

Fight the challenges that you impose on yourself. Build the courage and get out of whatever is holding you back. 

Expand your comfort zone. 

Do something that is not common, be it a different way to work or maybe something simpler, like going to another shop that you’d normally go to. Or just brush your teeth with another hand.

That is imagination and adaptability. Make your body and your mind adaptive to another reality and see for yourself that it is possible

Feel your ideal day in the future

About the guest

Alex Hudițan is an entrepreneur, investor, and world traveler. He is the founder of Amazonienii, a community of Amazon sellers of more than 4000 people whom he’s helped learn more about the opportunities that Amazon provides.

Alex has traveled to over 60 countries and is passionate about education, creating communities, and growing both materially and spiritually. His mindset is all about FREEDOM, as he’s been a nomad for more than 7 years